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You know, it's funny. At some point we look around and realize, "We're all grown up, and yet we're not any different." For me this realization came in 2015. While I was getting ready to get married, a lot of my friends were raising their first, second, even third kids. And so, in an effort to get myself ready, and perhaps share some knowledge with other new fathers, I started interviewing my friends to see what it's like being a dad.

A tongue in cheek nod to the popular children's book, "All My Friends are Dead" - my on-again off-again podcast is called:

All My Friends are Dads

Episode 1 - Former kickball co-captain and co-conspirator: Oakley Hall

Episode 2 - My college roommate: Wes Witt

Episode 3 - My colleague: Taylor LeCroy

Episode 4 - High school classmate: Brian Birney